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Steps to prepare for your interview

Author: Formative Search

Published date: 2019/12

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In order to be your very best self in any interview you have to be physically and mentally in control before the interview. This involves how you prepare for the interview and how you feel and look on the day. We give you the top tips and how you can peak on the day. 


Know who is interviewing you and get to the interview location early.

Practice – rehearse the interview. Rehearse the answers to questions. You know roughly what questions they will ask. If you are at all unsure, go here and you will be able to work them out.

Be rested – you know you perform better when you have had some sleep. So, get some sleep beforehand.

Wear appropriate clothing – Be fresh, clean and smart looking. 

Interview Tips – Preparing for Interview

You could ‘wing it’ on the day and you could well be naturally very good in the interview situation (and so could others). However, “winging it” and not preparing properly just allows a stronger candidate to who has done their research and prepared effectively get the job. You may have just lost this role!

Knowing the basic of an interview. 

What kind of interview will I have? Your interview email/call may or may not tell you. The following are pointers but are by no means exhaustive. Make sure you know the answers to the following before the interview day:

Where is the interview? – At head office, regional offices or in a hotel/other offices.

What interview style may be adopted? – One-to-one or two-to-one? Less formal interview styles are common as are second interviews.

Is there just one interview or will I have to go back again? – Ask the question.

Will there be tests, exercises, etc? – Ask! Your email should tell you all this, but more important facts can be omitted. If there are any, remember they are not designed to fail you – you can handle them. Above all, be honest – you want to be assessed for who you are. Remember – use your network  to get advice and different interview styles.

Interview Tips – Who will I be Seeing and where is the interview?
Prepare using the following list about your future potential employer. Researching the company will make you look like are keen and taking the interview and position seriously. Find out who will be interviewing you and check out their LinkedIn Profile to get better knowledge of their role.

  • Product/Service of the organisation

  • Types of customers

  • Size of the Company

  • Principle Locations

  • Main competitors 

  • Names and titles of key people, CEO, CFO, COO etc

  • Culture and Values 

  • Performance against competitors

  • Ranking in the Industry

  • Organisation structure

  • Current/Future plans

  • Sales Trends

  • Job role

Research the above will put you ahead of your competitors so prepare wisely. Find the location and be sure to check out google maps and how long it will take you to reach your destination. Be there early – 5-10 minutes on site before the interview. 

Interview Tips – What to Wear for Interview?

Some companies have a dress-down policy. Regardless of company policy, dress smartly for the occasion. It only takes 7 seconds for first impressions.  Be clean-cut and tidy. No scuffed shoes, untidy hair, creased shirts and jackets. You get the idea. Freshen up, get some proper sleep the night before and eat well that day.