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Owned by the Malaysian National government, Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS) is ranked the 158th largest company in the world as of 2019. They are proudly listed on Fortune Global 500 ®.

They have invested extensively in hydrocarbon and renewables with various portfolio around the world. PETRONAS is familiar with both conventional and unconventional resources, and work with a range of fuel lubricant and petrochemical products. With experience in both upstream and downstream sectors, as well as distribution, they have grown to become an integrated oil and gas company leaving its mark on the world. Their customer-centric ethos translates into a strong track record in product delivery.

As a provider of energy solutions, PETRONAS differentiates itself with its expertise in technology. The company seeks to prioritize sustainability in a rapidly transforming energy landscape, striving to constantly improve the lives of the people they serve. This explains some of their extensive CSR efforts, such as conserving 30 000 hectares of rainforest in tropical Sabah, Malaysia. PETRONAS is thus also accelerating its efforts to invest in renewables, keeping up with the global energy trends despite starting out as an oil and gas company.

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