Corporate Governance & Finance

Corporate Governance & Finance

The Corporate Governance & Finance team collaborates closely with our clients to assist them in addressing their hiring needs. With over a decade of experience in recruitment and networking, we have forged an extensive network of professionals across Asia Pacific.

Recruiting for roles in this space demands a profound understanding of the specific regulatory requirements affecting our clients. We recognise that expertise in these requirements is crucial for identifying suitable candidates. We are aware that each organisation has unique concerns shaped by their business scale and industry. Therefore, our recruitment approach is customised to align with each client's distinct priorities. At Formative Search, we are fluent in the language of corporate governance & finance and possess a comprehensive grasp of the regulations impacting financial services (e.g. Banks and related sectors) and non financial services (Energy, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, etc.) entities. We understand the high stakes involved and work in tandem with our clients to identify the optimal solution for their executive search requirements.

We specialise in recruiting for the following roles:

•Regulatory Compliance

•Financial Crime Compliance

•Ethics & Compliance (Anti-Bribery & Corruption)

•Forensic Investigation (e.g. Forensic Accountant or Digital Forensics)

•Internal Audit

•Financial Risk Management (e.g. Market Risk, Credit Risk, etc.)

•Operational Risk Management

•Data Protection

•Finance & Accounting

•Corporate Finance

•Restructuring & Insolvency

•Tax Advisory & Compliance