In response to the growing global awareness of the importance of sustainability and the 2015 Paris Agreement, many countries and businesses have aimed to reduce carbon emissions and become more environmentally friendly. They have begun to prioritise hiring people who can offer them solutions to reduce their energy usage and make their operations less polluting.

Our team has access to professionals with years of specialisation in Environmental, Social and Governance operations. We are able to attract the most experienced candidates who can make a positive impact on your company from an ESG standpoint - individuals who will steer your business towards a more responsible future.

Formative Search is committed to providing businesses with the talent they need to advance forward, and we have invested significantly in building up a strong network of professionals within the ESG & Sustainability space.

Our core areas are as follows:

  • Digital Infrastructure & Tech

  • Shipping & Marine

  • Manufacturing

  • Financial Services

  • Insurance

  • Life Science & Pharmaceutical