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Consultant Spotlight - Introducing Dominic Tay, Renewable Energy Consultant

Author: Formative Search

Published date: 2020/03

Dominic Consultant Feature

Dominic Tay talks about his role as a recruiter and offers his insights into the current Renewable Energy market.

When did you join Formative Search and what do you do?

I joined Formative Search in January 2020 as a Renewable Energy Recruitment Consultant – I partner with leading renewable energy developers and EPC contractors to search for top talents in the APAC region.

What are your thoughts on the Renewable Energy market right now?

The renewable energy market is growing at an incredible pace as funds are pushing to invest money in renewable energy businesses and projects. However, due to the stiff competition that the industry is facing, governments may opt to lose the FiT scheme completely and move into an auction model, which may in turn drive developers to focus their efforts entirely on C&I projects instead of utility scale projects, due to the lack of predictability in profit. This is something we are noticing in Vietnam, where there are hundreds of projects waiting to have their PPAs approved.

How did Formative Search support your growth as an individual and as a recruiter?

Working alongside such a supportive team in Formative Search, along with the autonomy they encourage me to take in this role, has given me the confidence to make important decisions in the recruitment process, and to voice my opinions to both clients and candidates.

Formative Search strongly supports collaboration and this collaborative environment enables me to support my client’s requirements at a faster pace.

What is the one piece of job and/or interview advice that you will give to all your candidates?

Always go in 100% prepared, knowing what you can bring to the business and in return, what the business can bring to you for the long-term.

Read more about Dominic and check out his list of available jobs here.

Text by Tammy Lee

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