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Recharge: Talking New Energy #19 - Interview with Jan Holm, Chairman at Centre for Strategic Energy and Resources (CSER)

Author: Formative Search

Published date: 2023/12

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In this latest episode of Recharge: Talking New Energy, we are pleased to feature Jan Holm, the Advisory Board Member of Seaborg Technologies. Jan is also the Co-Founder of Centre for Strategic Energy & Resources Ltd. As the Head of Renewable Energy Solutions at a leading global energy company, Jan is actively involved in the development of a molten salt reactor, and advocates for the practical applications of SMRs in addressing rising electricity demand and reducing CO2 emissions across various industries.

​Jan and Adam discuss the journey toward promoting nuclear energy, and challenges faced by the industry in terms of public opinion. their conversation touches on the competition and complementarity between low-carbon energy sources like wind, solar, and nuclear for stable baseload electricity.

​Jan shares insights into his exploration of SMRs, focusing on their civilian applications. He highlights the development of SMRs, including gas-cooled, lead-cooled, and molten salt reactors, emphasizing their safety features that prevent the release of radioactive material during incidents. Despite concerns about nuclear reactors, the practical applications include powering households, electric vehicles, and data centers align with the expected rise in electricity demand over the next decade.

​Join us in this conversation for a compelling exploration of Singapore's cautious venture into nuclear energy. As Jan and Adam navigate concerns about safety, public opinion, and regional implications, we also gain insights into the ongoing efforts to establish a robust nuclear ecosystem, prioritizing safety measures and effective waste management. Enjoy the episode, and take care.

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