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Career-Switching Challenges: Senior Consultant Avanti Buckler about Transitioning into Recruitment, Moving to Australia, Maintaining a Proper Work-Life Balance

Author: Formative Search

Published date: 2020/07

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Moving to Australia, being a stay-at-home mum and setting up the Perth office on her own was far from an easy transition, but getting used to remote working early on has helped immensely in managing her productivity levels during the Covid-19 pandemic, according to our Senior Consultant Avanti Buckler.

Prior to joining Formative Search in 2018, Avanti had spent 7 years as a stay-at-home mother before transitioning to Recruitment when joining our Singapore-based team. Though it took a good 6 months for her to adjust to the new role, and to immerse herself in what was happening globally and to understand the ever-changing renewable energy industry, Avanti has found the process an exciting journey. She has since become a formidable and reliable recruitment professional with a passion for people, finding it a rewarding experience when she is able to help their career grow and change, and helping a company secure a new employee.

In December 2019, Avanti moved to Australia with her family after her husband was relocated there with his job. Recognising the huge potential West Australia holds for renewable energy, Avanti was offered the opportunity to set up a new office in Perth while continuing to work with the Formative Search team.

“Persistence is key and the great support from my colleagues and my line manager played a big part in me being able to hold it together and keep going.” Avanti Buckler

Avanti cited flexible working hours as one of the biggest perks of her job, and one of the main reasons she has been able to make the transition to the Perth office as smoothly as she did. With 3 young kids who still need her full support, her flexible working arrangement allows Avanti to split her 5 working days between the office and home, ensuring that her family still remains a priority while receiving the full support of her team. An unexpected outcome of adjusting to remote working earlier than the rest of the world was that when the coronavirus pandemic hit, Avanti was able to maintain productivity without much trouble.

So what is Avanti’s secret to staying focused whether you’re in the office, at home, or halfway across the world? Her advice: “Everyone has a different work method and lifestyle so there is no one-fits-all formula. Whether you are setting up an office in town or dedicating a part of your home to an office, your work environment will be crucial to your productivity, happiness and overall success. Trying to set your big weekly goals and mini daily goals will help to keep you on track and also maintaining a regular discussion, both business and casual interaction, with your colleagues and bosses via messages, emails or video call, and by doing that, you will hopefully feel less left out or isolated, it is also a good way to check in with yourself whether you are right on track with your goals or not.”

Formative Search is proud to have supported Avanti in the capacity we were able, helping her to find an optimal solution where she is able to meet business objectives without compromising the needs of her family. We pride ourselves on maintaining a diverse, close-knit workplace where supporting the needs and growth of our employees are of utmost importance. In this current period, as workplaces struggle to manage and accommodate to the effects of the worldwide Covid-19 situation, Avanti proves that remote working is indeed productive, and can remain productive even after the pandemic. As we endeavour to keep our teams and loved ones safe by adopting work-from-home policies, it is also an opportunity for businesses to explore potential flexible working arrangements that they may offer to their employees in the future.


Avanti is currently a Senior Consultant with the Renewable Energy team, recruiting across a broad range of Renewable Energy roles in Project and Business Development, Finance, Engineering, Commercial for mid to senior level roles, connecting the finest talents with reputable companies in the energy market within Asia Pacific while supporting the candidates, clients and the team to go through the whole process as smoothly as possible.

Formative Search is a specialist solution-focused recruitment agency. With offices in Singapore and Perth, we work with clients across APAC, focusing on the Legal & Compliance, Renewable Energy and Technology industries.

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