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Consultant Feature: Mindy

Author: Formative Search

Published date: 2020/09

Mindy Liew-Pennington

This month, we speak to Mindy - Formative Search’s Principal Consultant for Legal and Compliance roles. She shares insight on how the industry has changed post-Covid 19 and offers tips on how you can increase your chances of securing your ideal job.

Formative Search (FS) : How long have you been in the recruitment industry and specifically what markets do you cover?

Mindy (M) : I have about 10 years of experience in recruitment covering mainly Corporate Governance (Audit, Risk Management & Compliance) and Finance related roles. My clients are pretty much across the board e.g. Banking, Insurance, Asset Managers, FinTech, Payments, Manufacturing, Commodities, Consumer Goods, Technology, Telecommunication, Healthcare, etc.

In terms of geography, I focus mainly on APAC (e.g. Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh Vietnam, Kuala Lumpur, etc.) but have worked (on and off) on roles in Central/South America and Africa for clients too.

FS: How has the corporate governance sector changed post-Covid 19, what has become easier in the context of recruitment?

M: People are generally open to having a chat regarding the jobs market and some are still keeping their options open. We see more opportunities in E-Commerce, Fintech, Healthtech, Regtech, Technology related companies basically.

FS: What new challenges are there?

M: Slower hiring process and a fair bit of cost saving exercises from organizations in general. Hence, the jobs market is not quite as robust as what we have experienced pre-Covid. That being said, we do still see pockets of opportunities.

FS: How can candidates seeking a job in Compliance/Corporate Gov better prepare themselves in this current climate?

M: Candidates need to do their due diligence and research on the organizations they are applying to. In this climate, you want to be sure you are going into the right firm that will enable you to grow your career for the long term.

With Covid-19 massively shaking up the workforce, many professionals are faced with unexpected changes in their career trajectories. Opportunities are still available amid this precarious time. If you would like to know about current job opportunities or contact Mindy, click below.

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