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Recharge: Talking New Energy #3 - Interview with the Head of Sustainability at Microsoft, Lorena Paglia

Author: Formative Search

Published date: 2020/10

Podcast Template Ep 3

In our third episode of Recharge: Talking New Energy, Adam Carabetta, Director of Renewable Energy at Formative Search, interviews Lorena Paglia, Head of Sustainability at Microsoft. She talked about integrating sustainability into business practices and her daily life. She also shared with us her experience working in the sustainability sector.

Lorena is one of the leaders at Microsoft’s sustainability chapter, which connects innovators to solve sustainability challenges through technology. She has more than 20 years of experience in advisory, business development, management consulting and sustainability, working with clients across international markets.

She founded LVP – Lateral Visionary Projects, an advisory firm specialising in working with businesses to create change and sustainable business value.

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Highlights of the Podcast

[02.00] Introducing Lorena

[06:03] Are sustainability roles in the industry really making an impact?

[11.17] What are some industries, in your opinion, needs a bigger push towards sustainability?

[13.40] For business owners in countries where sustainability might not be a priority, how do we reach out to them?

[19.28] There is so much momentum now with ESG, if anything, what could decelerate the current momentum?

[22.15] What can you do as an individual to contribute to sustainability?

[24.00] Could economies of scale help in driving the sustainable industry? E.g renewable energy is on a rise now due to less expensive solar panels

[26.14] Is there any moment in your life or person that inspired you in your career in sustainability?

[31.52] Is there anything you would have done differently, looking back at your career?

[33.00] Are there any harsh points in your life that transformed your mindset?

[35.28] What can people do to be a part of this transition to new energy?

[38.39] What is your vision? What do you want to achieve 2021 and beyond?

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