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Recharge: Talking New Energy #5- Interview with Mitesh Patel, Director of Renewables Energy at Black & Veatch

Author: Formative Search

Published date: 2020/12

Podcast Template Ep 5

In this episode of Recharge: Talking New Energy, Adam Carabetta - Director of Renewable Energy, interviews the Director of Renewables Energy at Black & Veatch, Mitesh Patel. He has been in the power and energy industry for 27 years and now, headvises companies on sustainable strategies in Asia-Pacific.

Mitesh shared with us his experiences and addressed concerns one might have about moving into consultancy. They also discussed opportunities in the new energy landscape and the growth of energy storage in 2021 and beyond.

Highlights of the Podcast

[02.00] Introducing Mitesh

[04.30] How did Black & Veatch handle the transition from the coal industry into the renewables industry?

[07.35] What approaches do Black & Veatch take to coach the mindset of employees to adapt to the transition and stay relevant?

[09.31] Why are candidates hesitant to join EPC consultancy advisories?

[11.30] Due to the diverse range of work Black & Veatch does, is there a certain type of candidate profile that is more suitable? And how would the profile look like?

[14.00] What are the challenges when it comes to educating clients on sustainability? How do you overcome them?

[15.40] How to match a company’s business needs and remain profitable while working towards sustainability?

[17.01] What changes would you like to see in Southeast Asia’s clean energy landscape?

[18.10] Mitesh shares key findings from Black & Veatch’s Strategic Directions Report

[19.35] Which country do you feel most optimistic about in terms of their push towards transforming the energy landscape?

[21.15] With so many potential opportunities and technologies, how do you identify which areas to focus on?

[24.40] Since Black & Veatch is a US firm, what’s your take on President-elect, Mr Biden’s plans about green energy and how will it impact markets in Asia and how will it affect job creation?

[26.50] Apart from Asia, is there any region that excites you when it comes to the opportunities available in renewables and why?

[27.58] Do you see the likelihood of the Middle East promoting massive green hydrogen projects?

[29.55] What is one thing that you are excited or very optimistic about in the global energy and power market?

[32.20] How do oil and gas workers find their new role in the changing landscape?

[34.40] What are your goals for 2021?

[36.45] What is your ultimate vision?

Check out Black & Veatch’s Strategic Directions Report mentioned by Mitesh in the podcast by clicking the button below. The report looks at how the industry can enable an affordable and resilient energy transition.

Get Black & Veatch's Strategic Report

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