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Recharge: Talking New Energy #7- Interview with Tim Rockell, Founder Director of Energy Strat Asia

Author: Formative Search

Published date: 2021/02

Podcast Template Ep 7

In this episode of Recharge: Talking New Energy, Adam Carabetta - Director of Renewable Energy, interviews the Founder Director of Energy Strat Asia, Tim Rockell.

They discussed about how the energy industry has changed, the steps needed for professionals and corporations to transition into renewables and how the current Covid-19 pandemic has impacted all industries and what that means for us.

Highlights of Podcast

[01.00] introducing Tim Rockell

[03.30] His career journey

[04.40] Did you expect the energy to be what is it today?

[06.30] How should professionals’ transit from oil & gas industry into renewables

[10.40] Government’s role in energy industry

[14.00] Do you think technology plays a role in the renewables industry? For example, usage of carbon capture

[17.10] Will hydrogen obtain economies of scale and become much cheaper in the future?

[23.30] How does urbanisation impact energy consumption?

[25.50] With work-from-home becoming a norm now, do you think it is possible to be located away from the cities?

[32.00] Role of institutions and how they can help job seekers

[36.40] What are the challenges when it comes to helping professionals transit from other industries into renewables

[42.40] Final comments from Tim

This podcast was sponsored by Formative Search, Asia’s foremost specialist search firm in the Renewables space. If you would like to gain insight concerning careers in Renewable Energy, do not hesitate to contact us at welcome@formativesearch.comShare this article, or click below to listen to our previous episode with Cath’rine Gan Wong, Head of Talent at Engie APAC or check out the next episode with Cheryl Chan, Head of APAC Clean Hydrogen, Linde.

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