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Recharge: Talking New Energy #10- Interview with Kunal Mehta, Managing Director of Berkeley Energy

Author: Formative Search

Published date: 2022/02

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​In this episode of Recharge: Talking New Energy, Adam Carabetta interviews Kunal Mehta. Kunal is a Managing Director of Berkelely Energy in Singapore, and ex-CEO of BECIS, a unique platform that provides clean and renewable energy solutions to corporate customers around the world.

Both dissected the choices that Kunal made at the start of his career to enter the field of Environmental Science, when it was not popular to do so, especially when growing up in India. Alongside this, they digested on the rapid changes that Kunal has experienced in his impressive career, and how staying true to one's passion, does lead to commercial success.

Highlights of Podcast

[1:18] Brief walkthrough of career and current position of Kunal Mehta

[4:35] Were there people mentoring or guiding you to take up this field?

[10:25] Australia’s focus in environmental science.

[11:50] Were there any points in time where you thought of straying away from your path?

[12:50] How did the world of energy get introduced to you?

[15:45] What was going on in the energy industry in 2003, and how it influenced Kunal’s thoughts to make it a career?

[19:05] Oxford’s focus in environmental science and beginning of Kunal’s career.

[23:02] The shift in the finance of renewable energy back then vs now.

[29:00] Government support and people’s perception in the renewable energy sector.

[30:38] The industry’s ups and downs.

[34:45] Did the momentum of the renewable energy carry on in Europe?

[38:00] Transition from small private equities to big multinationals.

[39:40] Kunal’s professional take on the energy transition currently.

[42:35] Are there any potential bad investment decisions going into renewable energy?

[45:10] Kunal’s journey and experience in distributed energy as ex-CEO of BECIS.

[48:08] What does the world of tomorrow look like when it comes to energy?

[50:00] The influence of the direction of big multinationals on global energy markets.

[53:30] Oil and gas VS renewable energies.

[57:10] Kunal’s advice to younger generations on staying true to their convictions on professional decisions.

[59:50] What’s the best advice you’ve received in your life?

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