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Recharge: Talking New Energy #11- Interview with Cindy Lim, CEO of Keppel Infrastructure Holdings

Author: Formative Search

Published date: 2022/03

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It was an incredible pleasure to have Cindy Lim as our most recent guest for Recharge: Talking New Energy. Cindy is the CEO of Keppel Infrastructure Holdings in Singapore, and apart from being a very accomplished female leader in Energy, she has perhaps one of the most interesting progressions in her career.

Cindy started work as a Quality Engineer, before moving to HR, and rising in the ranks to become a CEO of one of Singapore’s longest standing companies. Cindy’s powerful empathy has no doubt, not just enabled her to be successful in her career to date, but to also navigate the transition of such a large business in the changing global energy landscape.

There were some deep and emotional points in our discussion where Cindy emphasised what giving back to community has done for her, and where Singapore as a nation could improve its position as an eco-leader, particularly in the recycling space.

This is a must listen for people who have a real curiosity about Singapore’s position as a thought leader for new energies, females in leadership, and how empathy is critical for one’s success. Enjoy the episode!

Highlights of Podcast

[2:58] The evolution and focus of Keppel

[7:18] Is Singapore being used a lot as a test bed by Keppel?

[12:45] Cindy’s comments to Keppel’s naysayers

[17:50] Addressing the dilemma between power and poverty

[22:50] What needs to happen for ASEAN to mimic what the EU has done in energy?

[26:00] What are the basic metrics that can measure progress?

[30:50] Recycling and waste management in Singapore

[35:50] The awkward problem between modern technology and clean power usage

[40:50] Cindy shares her impressive journey of her career

[44:15] Mentors that made an impact on Cindy’s decisions

[45:40] Cindy’s volunteering experience at Willing Hearts and her observations

[53:46] Did Cindy face hardships entering her career path?

[57:06] Some of the advice that Cindy has gotten that keeps her going

[61:10] Cindy’s advice for the people who want to transition from the traditional energy sector to renewable energies [63:00] Cindy’s vision and what she is working towards

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