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Recharge: Talking New Energy #12- Interview with Aliza Knox | Best-Selling Author of Don't Quit Your Day Job

Author: Formative Search

Published date: 2022/08

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Welcome back to Recharge: Talking New Energy, and for this very special episode, we were absolutely thrilled to have the best-selling author Aliza Knox join us.Aliza is the author of Don't Quit Your Day Job, the best-selling book which discusses the six mind-shifts you need to rise and thrive at work.

But what makes Aliza's background incredibly relevant and extremely valuable for our audience, is that she's had a very illustrious, very accomplished and successful career transitioning from the financial services industry to technology.

A lot of what she discusses in her book and what we were able to go over in today's podcast, is very much how people can make their career transition on how to get from the old world of energy to the new world of energy.On top of this, there were a lot of other topics discussed, such as how to get over the bias of looking at candidates purely on their age, which unfortunately we do see in certain markets, and also what's really required for individuals to sell themselves in an interview. 

This is a really relevant discussion, and I think it was a great conversation that a lot of the audience out there are going to find very relevant on how to make their current career transition to new energies. Enjoy. 

Highlights of Podcast

[02:18] Walkthrough and Journey of Aliza Knox

[03:21] The idea behind writing Don’t Quit Your Day Job

[05:09] Hardships and turning points in Aliza’s career that made her write her book 

[07:45] Mentors from Aliza’s early career

[11:35] Aliza’s thoughts and observations on career transition 

[15:39] Aliza and Adam talk about recruitment processes and valuable experiences of individuals

[22:24] Aliza talks about the workforce age gap in industries and challenges and opportunities she faced

[31:00] How do we overcome ageism and biases?

[36:10] Day to day activities and habits that young professionals can start in order to become successful 

[37:15] What is keeping Aliza engaged, focused and excited right now?

[40:35] Aliza talks about burnouts, stamina and setting boundaries

[44:40] Aliza talks about the correlation between the great resignation and stamina

[47:52] When should people quit their jobs?

[49:40] Aliza’s thoughts about the younger generation and job hopping

[42:45] Aliza’’s final advice to jobseekers on transitioning from the old world of energies to the new world of energies

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