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Recharge: Talking New Energy #13- Interview with Steve Melhuish, Co-Founder of PropertyGuru

Author: Formative Search

Published date: 2022/09

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Welcome back to Recharge: Talking New Energy. For the lucky number 13th episode, we are joined by Steve Melhuish, the founder of PropertyGuru in Singapore. As a lot of you probably know, Steve was the co-founder, and now still advisor of what is perhaps the biggest property tech business in Asia Pacific, and had an amazing success story. 

Steve is a very genuine, open, honest, transparent and direct individual who wasn’t afraid to share some of his vulnerabilities, learnings and hardships being the CEO for one of Asia's biggest tech companies in the region.

But what's interesting is that Steve actually pivoted recently to climate tech. He explains his challenges to really immerse himself into that world. Even with the access to the network, level of success and reputation he’s achieved, he also found it challenging and still currently is facing some number of challenges, but equally very excited by what that industry presents, and the success that he’s starting to achieve by opening up this whole new world of opportunity.

There's a lot of learning here for people who are either looking to change jobs, start their own business or enter into the new energies world. It’s not easy as Steve explains, but he really has some great lessons based on his own personal experience that a lot of people out there will really benefit from.

Steve is a fantastic individual who’s got some great and impressive endeavours that he's currently undergoing with his climate tech fund he’s looking at. Hope you enjoy.

Highlights of Podcast

[03:07] Brief overview of Steve Melhuish’s journey 

[23:47] The beginning of PropertyGuru

[31:37] Steve talks about the development in methods of communications in Singapore 

[34:27] How has going public gone for PropertyGuru?

[36:02] What made Steve start upPropertyGuru?

[38:37] Do you need to have passion about the industry to build a business in it?

[42:12] Steve talks about burnout and recharging passion in a business

[44:52] Does Steve believe that there are best points in your life to start a business?

[55:37] Steve talks about leveraging existing market brands instead of going into brand new markets.

[57:37] What do people need to know about not overestimating things when it comes to starting a business or making a switch?

[01:08:07] What ran in Steve’s mind in terms of the worst case scenario if PropertyGuru didn’t work out?

[01:13:49] Steve shares about his investments in the climate tech space

[01:21:18] What is the best advice Steve has received in his life?

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