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Recharge: Talking New Energy #14- Interview with Matthew Howe, CEO and Founder of Grobrix

Author: Formative Search

Published date: 2022/10

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Welcome back to Recharge: Talking New Energy. For this episode, we had Matthew Howe, the CEO and founder of Grobrix join us. Grobrix is in the agritech space, and a Singapore based, very unique and innovative start-up, which is essentially providing vertical indoor farms to the business community across the Singapore landscape. 

Matthew had quite an extensive and successful career in banking before he decided to quit and build what he thinks is going to be the ‘LEGO’ for vertical farming. Matthew had a lot of challenges with making this transition and journey, and didn’t think at all that it would be the success that only after two years it has become today.

There’s still a lot of learning that he’s undergoing. There’s been ups and downs, highs and lows. There’s some advice to people who either want to start their own venture or make a career transition, and Matthew has a lot of pretty honest and genuine insights into what’s required. 

It’s a super cool business, and this conversation is a little different, getting someone from the agritech community, but this is certainly within the world of new energies. There’s a lot there that people would be really interested and intrigued by, by looking at Matthew’s transition and also what Grobrix is doing. Hope you will enjoy the conversation and take care.

Highlights of Podcast

[05:12] Matthew’s thoughts on modern office setups

[09:35] Talking food security issues in Singapore and also globally

[11:24] How did Matthew transition his career into agriculture?

[14:30] Matthew talks about Grobrix as a company and it’s growth

[20:40] The market of home agriculture

[26:01] Matthew talks about his mentors and team as an entrepreneur

[27:01] The ups and downs of being an entrepreneur and how Matthew finds a balance

[32:10] What advice would Matthew give to people who want to make a change in their career to agriculture tech

[37:50] Is it possible for the agriculture tech industry to grow a larger variety of produce, and how is energy a factor in this?

[41:50] What is the ultimate picture of Grobrix for Matthew?

[43:42] How can people get in touch and be involved with Grobrix?

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