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Recharge: Talking New Energy #15- Interview with Grace Sai, CEO and Co-Founder of Unravel Carbon

Author: Formative Search

Published date: 2022/12


Welcome back to Episode 15 of Recharge: Talking New Energy. In this episode, we had the privilege of Grace Sai joining us, in our office treehouse at Formative Search. Grace Sai is the CEO and Co-Founder of Unravel Carbon - a very impressive tech based platform that’s helping corporations to decarbonize.

Grace is a very impressive individual who has actually done this before, but not in climate tech. This is her third entrepreneurial venture, where she previously had very successful exits of a social enterprise, and also one of Singapore’s first co-working spaces, where Adam actually first met her several years ago. Adam was absolutely astounded with the passion, purpose and commitment that Grace has set to really help the world decarbonize and address the current climate crisis.

There’s some great learning and advice here for aspiring entrepreneurs and people who really want to join the energy transition. And it’s really good to just hear about how a very busy founder like Grace balances her days and stays focused on the end goal. It was a real genuine pleasure for Adam to speak to Grace. Enjoy.


[07:27] Did Grace come from an entrepreneurial background in her family?

[09:35] The mentors that pushed Grace into entrepreneurship

[10:27] Grace talks about the most challenging parts when launching her businesses

[16:36] A day in the life of Grace

[19:06] What are some of the values that Grace constantly looks for in talents?

[22:26] What are the big challenges ahead of Grace that could stop her from what she’s setting out to do?

[25:36] How does Grace face market resistance?

[28:21] Grace’s thoughts on Greenwashing

[30:11] What needs to happen for the energy transition to be effective?

[31:41] Unravel Carbon’s vision for the future and what impacts it will have on the market

[33:41] Grace talks about competition within the market

[35:11] What will be next for Grace

[36:21] What needs to happen in 2023 for Grace to get where she needs to be?

[40:11] How does Grace stay energized and keep up with a busy schedule?

[40:48] How can people get in touch with Grace?

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